Archery for Kids
Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery
Made in the USA
Paper Target Faces for Kids

• Targets are one of the three main necessities to the sport of archery (the other two being a bow and some arrows).
• Paper target faces can be attached to a backing such as a Styrofoam block or a bale of hay.
Target pins are available for secure attachment.
Classic STANDARD Four Color Target Face
Classic Four Color Target
This standard paper target face is the official target for F.I.T.A. Competition.

Available in four sizes.
#4366 - $1.25 ea.
#P-24 - $3.00 ea.
1/2"] #P-80 - $4.95 ea.
#P-48 - $12.50 ea.

#4362 Vegas Target
#4362 Vegas 3-Spot
16” - Official target for Vegas Indoor Tournament.

Nice for variety and a challenge for the kids!

$1.25 each

Made in the USA
Armguards for Kids

• Neet Diamond Line youth armguard
• Ambidextrous
• Tough 2-ply nylon and vinal
• Center reinforced for extra protection
• Adjustable quick-clip bands
• Red or Black
• Made in the USA
• $11.99


Neet Diamond Line youth armguard
Made in the USA
#12 Youth Back Quiver
Made for 12" suction cup arrows.
• The simple purpose of a quiver is to carry arrows.
• Carrying loose arrows can be hazardous for anyone, but especially for children.
• Safety is enhanced by a quiver as the arrows are neatly tucked away until ready for shooting.
• Quivers are also useful for storage of arrows.
• Measures 16" total length x 4" wide
• Genuine leather
• Colors will vary


#12 Youth Back Quiver  
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