About Wooden Arrows

The experienced archer usually has a good idea of what an arrow should be whether it's a piece of artwork, a tip of the hat to primitive construction, a simple unadorned arrow with pure function in mind, or a combination of these factors. All are available through us with prices ranging from $93/dozen for our Stock Arrows to $300+/dozen for Primitive Arrows. Please inquire for custom services.

A majority of our customers, however, come to us with questions and are more concerned with function over art. It makes sense to consider the type of shooting you expect to do and very little sense to head out and lose and break a set of $300 arrows! To this end our main interest is in supplying you with arrows of sufficient quality that will eliminate the aspect of "equipment error" in developing your proficiency. With archery tackle well matched to itself and your stature, inconsistency is reduced to "pilot error" - at which point your questions along the way will have more direct pertinence to your actual technique.
We offer snap nocks on our custom arrows for those who insist, but we prefer the more open throat nocks with the index. Snap nocks rob arrow speed, and while I'm not a "performance freak", I do like to squeeze the best out of the equipment. Also, (someone's gonna wanna slap me for this) if you're relying on a snap nock to keep the arrow on the string, then your technique is lacking. Hunting situations are the only exception I might agree with where you may want to keep an arrow on the string with less fuss in a tree stand.

All arrows (except our Youth Arrows) are fitted with either 100gr. or 125gr. field points. Please specify your preference, or let us know your intended shooting: target, hunting, or both. For target, I recommend 100gr. points. We can supply 70gr. target points as well, but they do not give good "front-of-center balance" - making the arrow more sensitive to your release and bow arm stability. Still, they are good for making the most of lighter draw weight bows. For the archer who shoots more in practice for the hunting season, I'd go with 125gr. points. We have heavier points as well for those who like flying logs.

Go now to our different arrow offerings with hopefully a better understanding of options and function.
We prefer the enhanced visual tracking of all three feathers the same color with matching Bohning Classic index nocks for cock position reference. Visual tracking is a key element in learning the trajectory off your bow and thereby creating a stronger mental picture for a more accurate instinctive shooting style. Many archers expect to see a different color cock feather and we certainly offer that as well. The use of index nocks reduces the need for an odd cock feather and I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Tracking a solid ball of color moving away from you is a wonderful marriage of function and pleasure. Index nocks also allow you to maintain focus downrange while loading an arrow on the string. The index is tall enough to feel through a gloved hand.

With colored feathers we like to match the nocks to them. With white fletching, white nocks really stand out, but black nocks look great with white feathers for a more "classic" look and there's no missing white feathers in flight.

On that note, the top choices for visibility are white, yellow, orange, and blue. While the other colors may be pleasing to your preference - particularly the earth tones (brown, leaf green, gray, black) - they can disappear in flight. So whether you're hunting, field shooting or target shooting, keep your environment in mind and choose appropriate fletching in contrast to the background of your perspective.
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