St. George
SICKLE Recurve Bow
- 56" standard length
- 54" to 60" by special order at no additional cost
- 30#/40#/ 50#/60# standard weight
- Intermediate weights by special order at no extra cost
- Made in the U.S.A.
More details:

The Sickle sits firmly between the 560 Hunter and Stalker bows with its standard 56" size, making it ideal for those that want something still on the compact side but a bit larger than the Stalker.

It has a style of its own as well, with a less forward handle than the Stalker and even the 560 Hunter.  Despite what initially appears to be a very in-line and upright riser section, the ends quickly taper into a deflex.  This is where an important improvement has recently been made to the design.  A more gradual taper has helped to reduce stress on the transition between limb and riser compared to the original incarnation, while maintaining the abrupt backward sweep.  This helps the longevity of the bow and keeps it drawing evenly despite its size.  We found it comfortable to draw to 29"-30" in a 58" version before any stacking started to rear its head.

Much like its size, its performance is also situated between the Stalker and 560 Hunter.  It's nearly as fast as the Stalker, but a little bit more forgiving to get back there -- though the Stalker's already remarkable in that arena as it is.  It doesn't shock when tuned up properly, though it did favor a heavier arrow when it comes to noise.  The latter is easily addressed by groove silencers, if a lightweight arrow is still preferred.

All in all, it's exactly where it needs to be.  A little more than the Stalker, a little less than the flagship 560 Hunter series. With a bit of room for adjustment on the size selections, it's a near perfect mid to small size recurve.

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