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659 Bedford St. (Rt. 18)

Whitman, MA

02382   U.S.A.

(781) 447-4520

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·Samick Longbows and Recurves

·Galaxy Archery

·Fedora Custom Longbows and Recurves

·Damon Howatt/Martin Archery

·Bear Archery Recurves and Longbows

·Navajo Longbows & Recurve Bows by Roy Hall

·Medieval Archery Bows by Scott McMullen

·Pre-owned Used Bows - Great deals!!!

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·How to measure draw length

·Feather shapes and colors

·Wooden arrow details and discussion

Accessories for Traditional Archery Sports




·Gloves & Tabs

·Custom Bow Strings for Longbows & Recurves

·Bow stringers

·Fleece bow socks

Youth archery for kids


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