Samick Mind-50 Recurve Bow

50" - Available from 30# to 60#@28"

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Samick Mind-50 Recurve Bow
Samick Mind-50 Recurve Bow back
Samick MIND-50 Recurve bow - name
Samick MIND-50 Recurve bow - name - red
Samick MIND-50 Recurve bow - tip
Samick MIND-50 Recurve bow - shelf
Following up Samick's compact Mind-50 recurve design is its further updated and improved successor, the Mind-50. Although outwardly the bows appear to be nearly identical, this one has a subtle edge: a unified carbon core through the entire length of the bow.

Laminated between two good cuts of maple, the carbon core on this model bumps its handling up a notch. The Mind-50 proves to be appreciably smoother, quieter, and lower in shock than the SKB. To top it off, it's a bit faster. 

Please be mindful of the bow's design and how it needs to be handled. Unlike a standard Western recurve, this bow has no cut-in shelf and is to be shot off the top of the hand.

Samick no longer provides the GRIP for this bow

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