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How to measure ‘Traditional Draw Length’ for your best arrow size

How to measure Traditional Draw Length your best arrow fit

1) Stand with arms outstretched straight from shoulders

2) Extend fingers

3) Using a tape measure or yard stick, measure the distance from right to left

4) Divide that number by 2 1/2 (2.5)


- Sam’s outstretched arms measure 68 inches.

- 68 divided by 2.5 equals 27.2.

- Sam’s Traditional draw length is approximately 27.2 inches.


* A footnote to this: if you are "over-bowed" (trying to shoot a bow that is more powerful than you can handle or should start with), you will likely not come close to your full draw and probably not develop proper form as a result.

This will lead to difficult accuracy and early fatigue at the least, and possibly shoulder rotator cuff injury at the worst. Be sure to use a bow with draw weight within your personal limitations.