Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow

- 64" AMO
- Available Draw Weights:  #30 to 55# @ 28"
- Right or Left hand
- Maple Limbs with Black Fiberglass
- 20" Riser

The Luna is the largest of the traditional recurve bows from Galaxy, featuring a 20" hardwood riser.  At just over two pounds, it a high mass for plenty of stability.  The grip will best fit medium or larger hands and a mid-high wrist position.  Its shelf has been cut past center, such that the addition of a strike plate makes it effectively center-cut.  The flat strike surface and shelf radius allow the bow to be used with either an adhesive elevated rest or a traditional rug rest & strike plate.

The limbs of this 64" bow are constructed of a two ply maple core with black fiberglass on the back and belly.  The bow's larger size provides for a smoother overdraw for those with a longer draw.  When properly set up, the bow makes minimal noise and has little to no hand shock.  Its tips have been reinforced for compatibility with high performance string materials.

The Galaxy Luna is an ideal option for archers seeking a recurve that suits a longer draw while being viable for both target and hunting uses.  The bow includes a properly fitted string with a nock point, string silencers, and two-piece shelf treatment to minimize feather wear.
*We inspect and test all Galaxy bows for critical faults such as cracking and delamination here at the shop.
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Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow
Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow back
Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow limb joint
Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow name
Galaxy Luna Takedown Recurve Bow shelf/riser
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