Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow

- 60” AMO 
- Available draw weights: 30# to 55#@28”
- Right or Left Hand
- Alternative weight limbs available to fit on same riser
- Bamboo limbs
- Black high strength fiberglass face and back
- 15” riser
More details:

At the heart of the Ember series is its compact riser, measuring only 15". Its slim form is sturdy in construction, thanks to its composition of dense hardwood laminate.  The shelf is cut past center and features an aggressive radius to both the shelf and strike surface to bring arrow contact to a bare minimum.  The grip is on the slim side of medium but is highly sculpted to provide excellent, regular hand location during shooting.

The longbow limbs for the Ember make for a compact reflex-deflex bow, attaching to the riser by means of the reliable bolt & pin system.  It draws well to 28" with headroom to spare, though individuals with more extreme draws may want to consider the Black Ridge Hybrid.  When properly set up, the bow produces only minimal hand shock and sound.  The modern style reflexed limbs are built from black glass and laminated bamboo, capped with reinforced tips that support Fast-Flight type strings.  Altogether, the Ember Longbow is something that we've been looking forward to for some time:  a well-performing takedown longbow at a moderate size and affordable cost.

The bow includes a properly fitted string with a nock point, string silencers, and two-piece shelf treatment to minimize feather wear. 
*We inspect and test all Galaxy bows for critical faults such as cracking and delamination here at the shop.
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow back
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow name
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow riser 1
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow shelf
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow shelf 2
Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow bolt detail
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Galaxy Ember Takedown Longbow
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