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Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply?

Traditional Archery Supply provides service you can trust.

It doesn't take long to find the best prices for equipment online today. There's no question that we here at Traditional Archery Supply don't always have the best price, but as a personally run workshop we have an emphasis on service and quality that isn't easy to come by from some warehouse retailers.

Our ultimate goal is to provide service and to never pass any headaches on to the customer. Every bow that passes through our shop is examined and tested for possible problems that may have slipped through the manufacturer's quality control to assure that you get trouble-free equipment.

In addition, every new bow* that we sell will include a full and proper set up so that it can be shot out of the box, rather than leaving it for you to figure out.

- A properly aligned nock point to ensure consistent positioning and take off of your arrows.

- Silencers affixed to the string to dampen the hand shock and quiet the bow.

- A proper shelf set-up using a vertical strike plate and horizontal rug rest, with a gap in between to allow hen feathers to pass by with less resistance.
- We can also advise and provide for the best arrows, glove, quiver and any other accessory to fit your need.

New bows with a retail of $300.00 or greater include a bow sock to protect your investment. (not available for drop-shipped bows).

*Please note that if you have your bow specially drop-shipped to your location instead of having it come to our shop, we will be unable to inspect it or include the bow sock. You will still be mailed a nock point, silencers and shelf materials along with instructions and your invoice.

         What we look for:

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Quality check Bonus! Free bow sock with bow purchase over $300.00