Tri-County 3-D League 
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Top Gun
(Orange stake)

Any bow, Any sights
Release or fingers

Crossbow Division
(Orange Stake)
ANY sights, One class.

Bow Hunter Open
(Green stake)

Any bow, Any sights

Bow Hunter Fingers
(Green stake)

Bare fingers, glove or fingertabs only.

Bow Hunters Release
(Green stake)

ANY bow, fixed pins only - 
Mechanical release only.

(Yellow stake)

Longbow or Recurve - No sights or stabilizers. Fingers only.

Women's Division
(Green stake)

ANY bow, ANY sights - Release or fingers.

(Ages 11-15)

Compound - Yellow stake
Traditional - Red stake

(Ages 10 & under)
(Red stake)

Any bow, with or without sights. Release or fingers.

  • Arrows must weigh no less than 5 grains/# of peak bow weight - example: 50# bow X 5 grains = 250 grain minimum arrow weight.

  • Sights: Any mechanical sight may be used. Range finding and floating aimpoint are forbidden.

  • Bow Hunter Fingers: Bare fingers, glove or finger tabs only.

  • Release: Any hand-held mechanical trigger devise may be used. The new "BowLock" is strictly forbidden as it creates a vertical crossbow, unless you shoot in the Crossbow Class.

  • Binoculars may be used only before your turn at the stake in order to reduce congestion on the course. Be considerate.

  • Breaches in equipment or policies will result in disqualification. I.B.O. rules for equipment/existing classes are followed.


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