TradTech Apex Riser



TradTech Apex Riser 

TradTech Apex Riser close-up    

TradTech Apex Riser wood detail     TradTech Apex Riser wood close detail


The Apex riser is another of TradTech's quality takedown designs. It's built of sturdy Dymondwood and phenolic, and like its big brother the Pinnacle II riser, it features the full range of lateral limb alignment, tiller adjustment, and the ability to increase the bow's effective power by approximately 4#.

It uses the standard I.L.F. fittings, allowing it to take any I.L.F. compliant limbs. At only 17" compared to the Pinnacle's 19", it accordingly produces a shorter bow when equipped with a given limb. Keep this in mind during limb selection, as it increases the effective rated power of the limbs and reduces the maximum draw length.

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