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Archery  Finger Tabs


How to use a finger tab

See Shooting Gloves


#202 Shooting Tab
A very basic single-ply tab. 
Good economical string finger protection.
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#202 Shooting Tab
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2-Ply Shooting Tab
A good thick & tough basic tab for for heavier draw weights.
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2-Ply Shooting Tab     2_ply_tab_split.jpg (4736 bytes)
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Spacer Shooting Tab
This smooth leather heavy gauge tab is fitted with an insert to space the fingers and eliminate finger pinch. Preferred by some archers.
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Spacer Shooting Tab   spacer_tab_flat.jpg (3652 bytes)
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Calf Hair Shooting Tab
This tab is fitted with both a pinch-eliminating insert and a layer of calf hair for the smoothest release. A good choice before moving up to more expensive competition tabs.
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