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TradTech Archery Pinnacle II I.L.F. Longbow
 by Samick
64" - Available from 35# to 60# @ 28


TradTech Takedown Longbow
TradTech Takedown Longbow


The Pinnacle II from TradTech Archery represents our first foray into I.L.F. (International Limb Fitting) standardized equipment. Once tuned properly, it's proven itself to be an impressive piece of equipment. At the heart of the bow is the 19" TradTech's Pinnacle II riser. The bulk of the riser is made from laminations of sturdy maple, with the core being composed of four layers of hard phenolic that provides a solid base for the I.L.F. assembly. The handle fits medium and large hands well, and the shelf is cut deep and high. The primary bolt assembly allows for a 2# to 4# range along with tiller adjustments for three under or split fingers. In addition, the Pinnacle II riser features a Lateral Limb Alignment System adjacent to the I.L.F. dovetail socket that we tested ourselves during fine-tuning. It proved simple and effective in getting just the right string and limb alignment. Read more


TradTech Takedown Longbow name

TradTech Takedown Longbow riser_1


TradTech Takedown Longbow riser_2
TradTech Pinnacle II I.L.F. Riser

TradTech Takedown Longbow tip


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The TradTech wood & glass longbow limbs result in an overall bow length of 64" when attached to the Pinnacle II riser. They have a significant amount of reflex, and when strung and braced properly lock the entire bow assembly together firmly. Although the bow braces at a remarkable 8.5" or higher, atypical for a longbow, once properly tuned and set up it becomes quiet and devoid of shock. We tested it with a selection of wood, aluminum, and carbon shafts, and all three performed admirably when adjusted for. The shots and draw were smooth out to a full 28" with a Fast Flight string, with headroom to spare.

The TradTech Pinnacle II riser with longbow limbs are a winning combination for archers looking for a piece of equipment that has both tremendous versatility and remains reasonably affordable. The bow design is owed to TradTech Archery here in the USA, while the manufacturing was done by Samick. We could not be more pleased with the Pinnacle II Longbow.

Limb pairs and risers are available separately or as a complete bow. The complete bow comes fully set up with a string, shelf padding, and silencers, along with being checked over for a basic tuning. You may specify three-under or split-finger shooting style for tiller adjustment. We will do our best to ensure that minimal additional tuning is necessary if the complete bow is purchased, though experienced I.L.F. users may wish to do additional fine tuning.

- TradTech Pinnacle II ILF Riser (19")  - $269.00
- TradTech Wood & Glass ILF Longbow or Recurve Limbs - 64" - $179.00
- TradTech Pinnacle II Longbow or Recurve Complete - $448.00
- TradTech Apex riser - $329.99



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