After being discontinued for a brief period of time, the Samick Verna Longbow has returned to production. It now sports a new darker look, particularly in the back of the handle. The riser is made from a selection of dark hardwoods and it features have a distinct layer of black glass in the core limb laminations. Although the general shape of the riser is similar to the CA-60, it is longer and thinner than its compact counterpart. The tips are reinforced, allowing for use of a Fast Flight string.

From thorough testing, the bow appears to favor a brace between 7" and 7.5". It pulls back to 28" fairly evenly and has headroom to make a solid 30" if needed. The quality of shooting is overall appreciable and we found that it puts the arrows where we wanted them to be. The caveat was that the bow favors heavier arrows, as lightweight arrows brought the bow's otherwise tolerable shock to the forefront. As such, we do not recommend using lightweight carbon shafts with this bow if shock is a concern.

Shooters seeking a decent performing, affordable longbow that needs to be drawn further than 28" may find that the Verna suits their needs, thanks to its additional length in comparison to the CA-60.

$295.00 -  Temporarily UNAVAILABLE


64" - Available from 30# to 60#

Samick VERNA Longbow

Samick VERNA Longbow tip Samick VERNA Longbow Samick VERNA Longbow view Samick VERNA Longbow riser shelf Samick VERNA Longbow riser back Samick VERNA Longbow shelf Samick VERNA Longbow name

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