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Samick Stingray Recurve
58" - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28"


Samick Stingray Recurve
Samick Stingray Recurve


Samick Stingray Recurve name

Samick Stingray Recurve riser 1

Samick Stingray Recurve 2

Samick Stingray Recurve top

Samick Stingray Recurve tip


The Stingray is one of Samick's more popular current one piece recurves, and for good reason. The extremely forward handle (giving it the profile of a stingray's head) makes the bow remarkably forgiving in the hand and quite comfortable as it pulls back evenly on the web of your palm, needing only a light grip.

The construction is of solid quality, using hickory for the handle and a stripe of red rosewood as an accent through the middle. The limbs are made from hard maple laminated with black fiberglass and pull back smoothly for a bow of its size. The tips are reinforced with phenolic overlays to allow for Fast Flight strings.




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