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Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow
60" - 30# to 60# @ 28"

Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow
Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow Back view

Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow name Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow shelf and grip Samick Spikeman Recurve Bow tip

Smooth and accurate recurve bow for target archery or hunting. Ideal for treestand or ground blinds. 

Ergonomic, sculpted slim grip made of rosewood and walnut with crowned arrow shelf. Hard Maple with clear fiberglass limbs. Reinforced limb tips are fastflight string compatible. 

Available from 30# to 60#@ 28.

Brace height 7 1/4 to 8.



Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply? All Samick bows come fully set up and ready to shoot with a shelf, nock point, and silencers unless otherwise noted.
Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply?

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