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Samick Shadow Youth Longbow
48" - 10# to 30# @ 24" 


Samick Shadow Youth Longbow


Samick Shadow Youth Longbow specs

Samick Shadow Youth Longbow riser


Samick Shadow Youth Longbow tip


Made of Walnut, White Oak, White Ash, the Samick Shadow longbow is the perfect piece for both youth archers or older archers of a more diminutive stature. Its limbs are laminated White Ash with clear fiberglass on the back and belly. The handle is composed of White Oak that fits well into a smaller hand, with a layer of Walnut over the back. It is fully capable of a 24" draw and then some. Its tips have been laminated with brown phenolic to allow for Fast Flight string compatibility.

As with all of our Samick bows, the Shadow comes fully set up with string silencers, a nock point and a full shelf set up, making it ready for shooting. 
Available in Right or Left hand.





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