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Samick S.K.B. Recurve

50" - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28"

Samick S.K.B. Recurve Samick S.K.B. Recurve name Samick S.K.B. Recurve tip

A modern take on the classic Korean Recurve design, this small bow is an impressive shooter. Its incredibly compact and slender nature may be deceiving, but it can indeed pull back to a full 28" and possibly further, thanks to its minimal riser size that allows for proportionately large limbs. These new SKBs have Phenolic reinforcements in the tips that make it Fast Flight compatible as well.

This bow does not have a built in shelf and is meant to be shot off the bow hand. Properly treated feather tips and/or a bow hand glove are recommended.

The handle section is a separate rubber grip that can be applied and positioned to your tastes.

Pricing depends on customer's choice* of rubber grip and set-up as below:

* Customer applies the handle in the manner of his or her choosing.

The string will be set up with silencers and a loosely fitted nock point (to allow for adjustment).


* We apply the handle for the customer and wrap it securely with a long strip of leather.

The string will be set up with silencers and a properly aligned nock point.


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