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Samick Phoenix II Take-down Recurve Bow
60" - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28"


Samick Phoenix  II Take-down Recurve Bow
Samick Phoenix II Take-down Recurve Bow


The Phoenix II is another welcome addition to our Samick bows, as it is a fine take-down recurve. Of particular note is that it is only 60", a particularly compact length for a take-down recurve. Samick has gone to lengths to keep the bow smooth even at its size. The riser itself is shorter still than the Phantom, which itself has become our most popular Samick bow to date. The Phoenix II's limbs have not been shortened from the working section, but rather from the heel where they attach to the riser. The result is a bow that pulls just as smooth as the Phantom despite a shorter stature. Read more


Samick Phoenix 2 Take-down Recurve Bow name

Samick Phoenix 2 Take-down Recurve Bow bolt



Samick Phoenix  II Take-down Recurve Bow tip

Samick Phoenix  II Take-down Recurve Bow riser


Medium and large hands will fit the grip best, and the shelf has been cut to nearly center-shot. Quality laminations of red elm comprise the limbs, with accent caps of a dark rosewood at the heel that matches the riser's center stripe. As with all of the mid-range and beyond Samick take-downs, the limbs are affixed with a bolt and pin to ensure that they don't shift or wiggle while assembled. The tips are capped off with three smooth layers of black and white phenolic to allow Fast Flight string compatibility. The Phoenix II serves as another prime example the attention to detail and quality that exists in Samick's mid-range bows. 
*Please note that as we make the transition from Samick's 2009 stock to the 2010 stock, some bow woods may have changed to a selection of woods that differs from what is listed both here and on the official Samick pages.




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