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Samick Night Hawk Take-Down Recurve
60" - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28"



Night Hawk three piece Take-down/Breakdown


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Known in Europe as the Samick "Lightning", the Night Hawk is yet another fine take-down recurve. The riser for this model is even more compact than the Phoenix II, which was already more compact than the Phantom. This allows for proportionately longer limbs for its size, and in turn, a smoother shooting experience. The bow's riser is made from rosewood with a center stripe of Merbau, and a smooth satin finish over it. 

Its limbs are maple with rosewood caps at the heel and phenolic caps at the tips, allowing for the use of Fast Flight strings. They attach with a bolt and locator pin, insuring that they always seat straight.

Shots are fairly quick with low shock and noise. For one seeking a take-down like the Phoenix II, but with a darker overall appearance, the Night Hawk is a fine piece for its cost. Includes properly fit string, shelf set up, nocking point, string silencers, and a bow sock to keep it safe.



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