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Samick JOURNEY Recurve bow
64" - 30# to 60# @ 28"

Samick Journey Takedown Recurve bow
Samick Journey Takedown Recurve bow - back view

Samick Journey Takedown Recurve bow name

Samick Journey Takedown Recurve bow boltSamick Journey Takedown Recurve bow riser and wood

Samick Journey Takedown Recurve bow tip

A new addition to Samick's adult archery offerings, the Journey is a direct counterpart to the ever-popular Sage.  Though it uses an identical riser, the limbs have been made longer to produce a 64" recurve.  The bolts require no tools and are textured for an easier grip and the sockets fit firmly around the limbs. It features standard bushings for a stabilizer/reel, sight mount and elevated rest.

The bow can be shot either off the shelf, thanks to is radiused nature, or off an optional elevated rest. The extended limb length allows for a smoother pull and a little more overdraw headroom than the Sage.  The tips are reinforced with phenolic to allow for Fast Flight string compatibility. For archers that need a slightly longer recurve than the Sage, the Journey is a top choice.

In addition, the longer Journey Limbs can be combined with the extra large Polaris 66" riser, producing a titanic 68" recurve for archers that need or want such a large bow.  Please be aware that cross-combining parts from different models results in a $10 price increase to cover extra bolt and stock mismatch costs.



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