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Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow
60" - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28"


Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow
Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow


Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow detail

Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow riser 1

Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow riser top


Samick Bamboo Raider Longbow tip


The Samick Raider represents the remarkable quality in their mid-level and high-level bows. This bow's limbs are composed of bamboo with clear glass, allowing you to see every segment of the wood. The handle is composed of maple on the belly, with heavy brown and yellow Phenolic, along with black and white glass striping, creating a handle with significant mass that can reduce the common problem of bow-arm drift. The back of the handle is capped off with a strip of zebrawood.

Like the CA-60, this has a fairly deep cut shelf for a longbow, and features triple-layered Phenolic tip reinforcements to enable Fast Flight string compatibility. It is by design and by virtue of its bamboo limbs, a relatively smooth and fast bow. This may be one of the finest bows available at its price range!




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