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"Can I order online from Traditional Archery Supply?"

1) Print this form - use    if desired 
2) Please provide all information here - hand written is fine - we will telephone you to verify.
3) Add price of order + price of
shipping (as described below)
4) Mail to: Traditional Archery Supply
                659 Bedford Street
                Whitman, MA   02382  USA  or  FAX to 781-447-0523


SHIPPING ADDRESS:____________________________________________________

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TELEPHONE NUMBER:___________________________________________________ 

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BILLING NAME & ADDRESS (if different from shipping address):

Item Name and/or # How Many? Price TOTAL

Shipping, Handling & InsuranceBecause all orders are so different in weight and distance, please phone 781-447-4520 or email for a quote. 


Special Instructions:


METHOD OF PAYMENT (check one): [ ] Money Order  [ ] Personal Check  [ ] Visa/MasterCard
                           We do not accept Discover or American Express
For Credit Card order, include:
Credit card #:_____________________________________________________
3 digit security code # from back of card: __________________
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we will phone to verify age on all fax or mail orders                                 
                                                             Thank You for your Order