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Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow

Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow back Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow name Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow shelf Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow wood Old Mountain NEO Recurve Bow tip

Despite its diminutive size, this new offering from Old Mountain Archery may be one of our favorite bows.

The "Neo" riser is constructed primarily from walnut, with a slice of olive gray Dymondwood sandwiched between maple accents, and capped off at the heel with black & autumn brown Dymondwood.  It fits comfortably in a medium hand, as well as smaller hands.  Those with a larger hand may wish to add a grip wrap to fill the palm.

Thanks to the extremely compact riser section, measuring just over 14" from fade to fade, this small bow has surprisingly long ash limbs, sealed with clear glass on the back and belly.

Thanks to those proportionately long limbs -- nearly as long as those on the Edge and Claw -- this model is capable of comfortably achieving a 28" draw without complaining or stacking as one might expect it to.

It performs admirably by delivering a balance of low handshock, noise, and good speed not always found in these compact models.

The bow includes a shelf setup as well as a standard B50-type string and string setup.  It is also capable of accepting a Fast Flight type string for improved arrow speed.  This model may be available above 40# by special order, but is not stocked as such.


*In our examination, we found the actual measurement of the bow to be approximately 55".


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54"* - Available from 20# to 40# @ 28" - Right or Left hand


Limited availbility on this bow