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Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow

Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow back Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow name Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow riser Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow wood detail Old Mountain EDGE Recurve Bow tip

Thanks to that design consideration it draws smoothly to and beyond 28", despite being only a 60" bow.  It handles well in testing, delivering an experience low in handshock and noise, and with respectable speed.

As the spiritual successor to the retired Samick Red Stag recurve, the Edge one-piece recurve bow stands on its own by improving the design while maintaining the same affordable pricing.

The bow includes a shelf setup as well as a standard B50-type string and string setup.  It is also capable of accepting a Fast Flight type string for improved arrow speed.


The addition of the Old Mountain Archery "Edge" one-piece bow to our inventory has been nothing but a pleasant one.

Its grip is made primarily of olive brown Dymondwood and white oak, lending it a bit of extra weight in the hand.  The grip leans toward the large side of the medium spectrum, sculpted primarily for a medium-low wrist position.  The shelf is cut deep with a shorter sight window, lending the bow more toward instinctive shooting.

The riser section measures approximately 18" from fade to fade, leaving plenty of room for the relatively long maple & black glass limbs of the bow.


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60” - Available from 30# to 60# @ 28” - Right of Left hand


Limited availbility on this bow