#60 Bow - Bear TITAN Youth Recurve 

Bear Titan Youth Recurve 

A great, versatile and fun youth/beginner bow*  

~ 60 in. Overall Bow Length
~ 32 to 35lb. Draw Weight
~ Durable Composite Limbs
~ Ambidextrous grip shoots either Right or Left Hand
Green fiberglass Recurve bow - Rubber handle - Features comfortable, stable rubber grip for best accuracy and secure, no-slip tips for string security. This bow is included in both the #60  archery set and can shoot either  26" or 28" youth arrows

* We have chosen to replace the factory bow string with one that provides for correct brace height and significantly improves the string's durability and performance. This service is not available from other retailers.

$55.00 - ORDER

Bear Titan Youth Recurve  grip
Detail of comfortable, stable rubber grip

Bear Titan Youth Recurve  tip
Detail of secure, no-slip bow tip

Adult Supervision Required