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This tried and true model from Navajo offers great shock-free performance and comfort in the hand. The Diamond provides excellent instinctive accuracy and is capable of smooth draws out to 30", this great recurve is a good choice for big & tall archers.

Navajo's uniquely sculpted grip locates the hand precisely every time you pick it up. Good looks and rugged performance abound for archers seeking a unique, comfortable and accurate bow for all uses.

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Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow

Available 56” to 62”- 30# to 60# @ 28"

Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

by Roy Hall

Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow back Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow riser Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow curly maple detail

Curly maple riser & detail

Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow reinforced tip Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow shows cocobolo and birdseye maple Navajo Diamond Recurve Bow premium birdseye maple

Overlaid tips for high performance strings &
 Birdseye Maple and Cocobolo riser detail

The Diamond recurve bow features reinforced limb wedge for increased limb stability. All Diamond bows are capable of accepting Fast-Flight type strings.

Contact us for current pricing and availability on all Navajo bows.