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Joining the venerable lineup of longbows and recurves from Navajo Bows is the  Arapaho longbow. Despite the name, the Arapaho is anything but long -- it's the shortest longbow in the entire Navajo lineup at 56". This makes it ideal for getting around in the dense brush, where a larger bow may become cumbersome, or in a tree stand where limb clearance can become an issue.

The compact size is achieved by making the riser section short, tapering quickly into the limb section. This leaves plenty of room for remarkably long working limbs that have an intense reflex-deflex to them. The result is a compact bow that pulls easily to 30", with headroom to spare. This bow tests out to a respectable 170 FPS at 42#@28”. At longer draws, 29" yields 45#, and 30" draw gives 48# with no stacking!  With the longer draws comes faster and flatter shots.

The pictured Arapho longbow was specially ordered with fine birdseye maple limbs, a black phenolic riser and a Cocobolo cap on the belly side. In addition, it features the Bow Bolt takedown system, allowing the equipment to be handily broken into two pieces for easy transport and storage.

Arapaho longbows without these exotic woods and special features are also available for order at significantly reduced price points. Contact us for current pricing and availability on all Navajo bows.

All Arapaho bows are capable of accepting Fast-Flight type strings.

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Navajo Arapaho Longbow

56" - 30# to 60# @ 28"

Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

by Roy Hall


 $899.00  $1080.00


In Stock

In Stock

(pictured) 42#@28” - Right hand - Takedown