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Navajo Apache Longbow
62" - 30# to 60# @ 28"   

Navajo Apache Longbow
Navajo Apache Longbow back

Shown here: Bamboo limbs with Purpleheart

Navajo Apache Longbow riser

Navajo Apache Longbow shelf

Navajo Apache Longbow riser view

Navajo Apache Longbow specs         Navajo Apache Longbow name

Navajo Apache Longbow tip

Navajo Apache Longbow Roy Hall

This fast, handsome model from Navajo sports a "handle forward" grip for the best of instinctive accuracy and heavily deflex/reflexed limbs for fast shock-free performance. 

The comfortable grip is shaped to consistently locate the hand close to the shelf every time you pick it up. The limbs offer unsurpassed smoothness & resilience at full draw, making this hybrid longbow an excellent all-day shooter and no-strain hunting bow. 

It has excellent cast with heavy arrows and speeds over 200fps with target weight arrows. 

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Buyer specifies#@28" - Above Apache with Bamboo limbs and Purpleheart core - $770.00

*Must order*


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