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How do I figure my Traditional “draw-weight”?

Draw weight refers to how many pounds of pressure that you can comfortably pull the bow string back. The inches thing (") refers to how many inches you actually pull the string away from the bow. This is generally a reflection of the arm length of the shooter.

So, a 5'4" female of not much athletic ability, might be able to pull about 25# to 30# @26" or 27", where a big, strong guy of 6'3" feet tall might pull 55# or even 60# at 28" or if he has long arms, might pull to 30" or 31", and vise-versa.

Draw weight will increase with time as muscle strength builds, but draw length will stay fairly constant, because the physical size does not grow in adults. Children's measurements will grow proportionally to their physical growth.

Just let us know how tall you are, what your build is in terms of "average", "heavy", or "slight", and what other sports you routinely participate in. We can surmise a good draw weight for you from that information. An other way to get a good idea of your strength is to test your lateral pull on gym weight pulleys. The most obvious way is to find an archery shop and try different strength bows. If hunting is in the picture at all, then you will need a minimum of a 40# bow for that.


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