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Martin Mamba Recurve Bow - Used
58" - 50# @ 28"

Martin Mamba Recurve Bow - 58" - 50# - Used -
Martin Mamba Recurve Bow - 58" - 50# - Used - back

Martin Mamba Recurve Bow - 58" - 50# - Used -  riser shelf

Martin Mamba Recurve Bow - 58" - 50# - Used - riser grip


Very fast, powerful hunting bow with Bubinga riser, maple limbs under black glass, laminated accent handle stripe, overlaid limb tips for use with high performance strings. 
This is one of Martin's better bows offering great overall performance in a reasonably compact length. It sports a VERY comfortable grip in a beautifully sculpted riser. A fine choice in a modern style recurve bow.

The Mamba, at 58, is sleek, has excellent cast, and will impress the most diehard traditional archer. Short draw archers especially benefit from its short design, achieving performance that is normally reserved for those with longer draw lengths.

This bow came to us from one of our long time customers who is moving and no longer has room to store much of his equipment. The bow was only lightly used and is in excellent condition.

$350.00 - Used - Consignment


Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply?Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply?

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