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Mamba Recurve Bow

By Damon Howatt/Martin Archery

Very fast, powerful hunting  bow with Bubinga riser, maple limbs under black glass, laminated accent handle stripe, overlaid limb tips for use with high performance strings. This is one of Martin's better bows offering great overall performance in a reasonably compact length. I sports a VERY comfortable grip in a beautifully sculpted riser. A fine choice in a modern style recurve bow.

The Mamba, at 58”, is sleek, has excellent cast, and will impress the most diehard traditional archer. Short draw archers especially benefit from its short design, achieving performance that is normally reserved for those with longer draw lengths.

Selected African hardwoods are used in the crafting of each Mamba. Limbs boast the efforts of hand-laid laminations and reinforced tips, allowing the use of any modern string material.

Riser woods include Ovangkol and Bubinga with maple highlights. Limbs made of maple laminations, black fiberglass, with Bubinga and black fiberglass overlays.

The Mamba comes equipped with a Traditional Arrow Rest, a bowstringer and a bowstring. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings available upon special request. Mass Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz.

58” - Available 40# to 65#@28”


Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

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