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Martin #135 XR Recurve Bow


Martin #135 XR Recurve Bow for children

Martin #135 XR Recurve Bow riser detail
Martin #135 XR Recurve Bow take-down feature

Martin #135 XR Take-down bow 

  Martin #135 XR Recurve Bow riser detail

Durable youth 'Takedown' Recurve for ages 7 to 10

Handle can be swapped to make it left or right handed.
Features elevated rest that lightly holds the arrows.
Can be disassembled for compact storage. 
Compatible with both 18" Suction Cup Arrows and 24" Youth Arrows.
Light draw weight and approximately 46" long, suitable for ages 7 to 10. 


* Accessorize to make your own custom kit with arrows, targets, quiver, armguard and tabs



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