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Longbows, in various forms, are among the oldest styles of bows known to man. They are more truly in the category of "straight" bows, descending from their shorter ancestors used by early man and still prevalent in many tribal civilizations.

Straight bows grew longer and more powerful in the need to reach farther and hit harder as it became more of a weapon than a tool for hunting. The English longbow is perhaps the culmination of this type of bow. Its mark in history places it at the highest rank of respect in the world of archery.

Traditional style longbows are difficult and time consuming to master, but have their benefits. Modern longbows utilize advances in design, such as deflex/reflex*, that make them more efficient with greater speed and accuracy. Many people have turned back to longbows for fun as well as hunting because of their inherent "pointability" and instinctive accuracy. The lack of a "cutout" shelf is less distracting to the vision and helps bring the shooters focus to the mark, thereby reducing the time between target acquisition & release to a scant few seconds. Anyone can see the benefit in this. Longbows also tend to be more stable because the stroke from full draw is shorter. In a nutshell: the longer the bow, the less the limb-travel. Less movement = more stability.

Current designs in longbows increase performance and reduce hand-shock, bringing them into the realm for serious consideration when choosing and buying a bow. If you intend to shoot a lot, I recommend trying one. They take longer to learn and shoot well, but are worth the effort if you put the time into it. Otherwise, check out our Recurve bows.




See our Longbows

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