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Little Hawk Recurve Bow Set for Kids

By Old Mountain Archery

Little Hawk Recurve Bow name Little Hawk Recurve Bow shelf Little Hawk Recurve Bow tip

The kit includes:

*Please note that children who are tall for their age may exceed the draw range of the bow.  Adult supervision is required


This is perhaps the most impressive youth archery kit we've come across. The Little Hawk recurve from Old Mountain Archery is by all accounts the real deal with laminated maple and fiberglass limbs, a fully sculpted and finished hardwood riser. All the construction of a proper recurve, sized down to a mere 28" long with an 18" draw length. It can be shot off the shelf or the included elevated rest (recommended).

The bow is ideal for children of ages 4 to 7. Included arrows are sharp. For added safety and fun, the Little Hawk is also compatible with our #183 suction cup arrows (18").

Don’t mistake this for just another archery toy -- this bow can fire arrows a good distance for its light weight and small size!


Little Hawk Recurve Bow Set for Kids

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