#48 Junior Youth Archery Set 

#48 Junior Youth Archery Set 

"Great when they're not quite 
ready for pointed arrows"

See details of the Bow here

This is a good starter bow for the 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 foot tall beginning archer when RUBBER-TIPPED arrows
are preferred. 

The #48 JUNIOR Kit contains:
Bow: 48" / 44" strung (10#@17") - Green fiberglass Recurve bow - Rubber handle - Shoots either right or left handed.
(3) #183 Suction cup arrows - Wooden shaft, real feather fletching, high quality rubber suction cups. 
(1) 16" paper target face - 4 color
Full kit package:

Accessories for this Set:

- #183 Extra arrows: $5.95 set of 3
Real Leather Back Quiver for 18" suction arrows
- This bow can also shoot metal-tipped youth arrows

Have fun at home with these projects:
- Fun target game for suction cup arrows!

Make a Paper Quiver Craft at Home!

Adult Supervision Required