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Howatt Hunter Recurve bow

By Damon Howatt/Martin Archery

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Howatt Hunter Recurve bow

62” - Available 40# to 65# @ 28”

Howatt Hunter Recurve bow wood Howatt Hunter Recurve bow tip Howatt Hunter Recurve bow name

Perhaps the defining model of the Damon Howatt bows, the Hunter's design has endured for decades with little modification - and for good reason. It is easily one of the most recognized recurve designs around, and it performs wonderfully even up to a 30" draw.

The new models are made with Shedua that encloses a thick piece of Bubinga, bordered by hard maple. Limbs are made from Eastern Hard Maple under black glass, and the tips have been reinforced for Fast-Flight compatibility. If ever there were a bow to have confidence in purchasing, it's the Howatt Hunter. Few bows have as solid a legacy.

Includes owner’s manual, rest, Flemish bowstring and bow stringer.


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