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Here's how to correctly measure your Traditional Draw Length

1) Stand with arms outstretched straight from shoulders

2) Extend fingers

3) Using a tape measure or yard stick, measure the distance from right to left

4) Divide that number by 2 1/2 (2.5)

- Sam’s outstretched arms measure 68 inches.
- 68 divided by 2.5 equals 27.2.

- Sam’s Traditional draw length is approximately 27.2 inches.

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A footnote to this: if you are "over-bowed" (trying to shoot a bow that is more powerful than you can handle or should start with), you will likely not come close to your full draw and probably not develop proper form as a result. This will lead to difficult accuracy and early fatigue at the least, and possibly shoulder rotator cuff injury at the worst. Be sure to use a bow with draw weight within your personal limitations.

How to measure your Traditional draw lwngth