Fun Target Game for Suction Cup Arrows

Children can have hours of safe and enjoyable fun with suction cup arrows.

The suction cup arrows that we sell (#181 & #183) honestly do not stick well to the plain paper target faces that are included in the #34 and #48 Junior Kits.

They need to be aimed at a very smooth surface, such as plexi-glass, which may be purchased at your local craft or hardware store.*

Great success may be achieved by mounting the paper target face behind a sheet of clear plexi-glass.


Another way to enjoy these suction cup arrows is by decorating empty plastic soft drink bottles or cans. These objects are then lined up and knocked down.*

Children can make their own decorations or may use our fun printable decorations.

Points (1,2,3, etc.) may be counted for added learning & fun.

Please don't forget to read, understand and adhere to the

See below for instructions
or make up your own game!!

Instructions for Printable homemade suction cup arrow targets:
  • Choose a picture that you'd like to use.
  • Set your printer to "Color".
    *The "DINO" pictures are in black & white and meant to be colored with crayons.
  • Print the picture on plain computer printer paper.
    (The "Print this Picture" and "Back to Pictures" buttons will not print)
  • Trim your picture to fit around your bottle or can.
  • Tape or glue the paper.
  • Arrange targets at comfortable distance, aim and knock 'em down!
  • Line 'em up and do it again!
  • Keep score if you want.
  • Example Soda Can Targets

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