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 Traditional Fleece Bow Socks
for Recurve bows and Longbows

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Our fleece bow socks provide padded protection from scratches and dings while in storage or during transport.

Made in the U.S.A., these simple, attractive bow socks (also called bow sacks or bags) are made of strong yet soft fleece material.

Numerous colors and patterns are available in lengths from 70" to 76" and are capable of fitting over both recurves and longbows.

Simply fold the excess over the top and tie off with the attached cord to keep your bow safe.

New bows with a retail of $300.00 or greater include a bow sock to protect your investment.*

*(not available for drop-shipped bows)


Bow bag - Dark gray Bow bag - Olive Bow bag - Camo #1 Bow bag - Polar camoflage Bow bag - Camoflage 2 Bow bag - Camoflage 3

Camo #1

Camo #2

Camo #3

Polar camo


Dark gray

Other colors and patterns may vary with batch.