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Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow

Made in the U.S.A.

Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow back Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow riser shelf Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow riser Fedora XCELLERATOR Longbow riser tip

- Standard length = 60"  

- 54" to 70" by special order at no extra charge

- Standard weight = 30#, 40#, 50#, or 60#

- Intermediate weights by special order at no extra cost

- $525.00

Speed might be the name of the game with the Xcellerator, but there's more going on here than that.  It fits neatly into a medium hand, with room to suit larger or smaller individuals as well.  The riser core  itself is small for the bow's size, even in its default 60" size.  This gives it ample room for longer working limbs.  The moderate deflex gives way to a pronounced reflex in the triple lamination limb core.

When put to the test, the bow holds up well.  Properly tuned, it's got no shock of note and no particular noise to be heard.  It stacks less than a few of the comparable, if larger longbows around the shop, and goes over 28" without a hiccup in its 60" form.  It also stays toward the front of the pack -- as it should with a name like Xcellerator -- and keeps up with the competition. It only falls just short of the flagship 560 Hunter series of recurves at equivalent strengths.

In its default form, it's a well rounded longbow that manages to hit all the right notes without sacrificing much of anything.  The Xcellerator is a good reminder that just because it's a longbow doesn't mean it's a slow bow.

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Fedora custom longbows and recurve bows made in the U.S.A.