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Fedora custom longbows and recurve bows made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A.

Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve

Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve Bow Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve Bow back Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve Bow name Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve Bow riser Fedora 560 HUNTER Recurve Bow tip

(In Stock)  60” - 43#@28” - R.H. - $575.00

In Stock

- Standard bow length: 60"
- 54" to 66" by special order at no extra cost

- Standard weight: 30#, 40#, 50#, or 60#

- Intermediate weights by special order at no extra cost


Standing at the forefront of Fedora's lineup are the 560 Hunter series bows.  We've had some time to work with the standard one-piece model, and it does impress as much as one would hope from a flagship model.

In its standard 60" form, the bow is lightweight and fits well to a medium sized hand.  The perennial thumb shelf does not intrude and is largely forgotten once shooting commences, making for a good natural feel to the grip.  Cut to center, the shelf has a radius to both parts to minimize arrow contact and drag during takeoff.

When drawn back, the three-ply limb core flexes throughout the entire length, from taper to tip.  This provides the bow with an impressively smooth draw even at a 60" size.  We found it pulls quite nicely to 31" without fuss, so larger sizes will support long draws even better.  The shooting quality holds up on the field, too.  While not quite as fast as the smaller Sickle and Stalker models, we found it to be pretty quiet and lacking in shock.  

It's an overall well-rounded bow, positioning itself in the sweet spot between comfort and performance.  With the number of size options available as a custom bow, it's an excellent alternative to some of the more popular mid & large sized recurves available.

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