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Bow Stringers

The purpose of a Bow Stringer is to pull the bow limbs forward evenly and allow for easier application of the string to the tips. 

A Bow Stringer is highly recommended for wooden Recurves and Longbows. They not only make stringing the bow much easier and prevent twisting and damage to the limbs, but most importantly, it is the safest way. 

We will custom fit your bow stringer to your bow at no additional charge, if ordered with a new bow.

Selway Bow Stringer

This simple but effective bowstringer from Selway is best suited for Recurve bows. The rubber stopper sits on the flat of the limb, under the top loop, allowing you to easily and safely string your bow.

Simply hold the stopper lightly in place until you put tension on the stringer. The rubber will grab on to the limb and not slide once under tension.

Includes instructional sheet for new users.



Selway Bow Stringer
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