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Bearpaw Twin Bow
68" - Available 20# to 35#@28" 

Bearpaw Twin Bow TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow
Bearpaw Twin Bow Bows TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow

Bearpaw TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow name

Bearpaw TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow riser

Bearpaw TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow riser side

Bearpaw TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow top view

Bearpaw TwinBow Ambidextrous Longbow tip

Coming from BearPaw is this sizable straight-limbed longbow, measuring in at 68". Its true defining feature, however, is that it is ambidextrous. A shelf is cut into each side of the bow, making it suitable for shooting by either hand-eye dominance. The riser and limbs are both made from simple maple with clear fiberglass. It has a rugged, antique appearance for those that may be interested in something nostalgic.

The long limbs give it a smooth draw with some headroom to spare. It is primarily a target oriented bow, as it is only available in lighter weights not generally suitable for hunting. The tips are not reinforced for high-performance string materials, so it is important to only use a Dacron string on this bow.



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