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Bear Tamerlane Target Recurve Bow - SOLD 
66" 32# @ 28"


Bear Tamerlane classic target recurve bow


Bear Tamerlane classic target recurve bow specs

Bear Tamerlane classic target recurve bow grayling


Bear Tamerlane classic target recurve bow logo

Bear Tamerlane classic target recurve bow engraved plate


Another vintage classic recurve coming to us, the Tamerlane hails from Bear Archery's mid-1960's Grayling, Michigan period. Its heavily sculpted handle is capped off with a piece of black phenolic, which also makes up the "horns" on the back of the bow to give it some weight in the hand. It also features the original Bear medallion on one side and an intricate etching on the other that is also integrated into the elevated brush rest.

Although over 40 years old, it still retains its full power to this day, with straight limbs that pull back easily. The finish shows minor wear in a few spots, and there are vertical stress lines along the non-moving parts of the back, although these are normal for its age and do not possess a structural threat.

**The bow includes the original Tamerlane zip-up leather bow case. The leather is still in excellent condition and has not dried up and cracked, the zipper still pulls evenly, and it even has the classic Bear Tamerlane stamped medallion attached to it. The case's padding is also clean and still soft to this day. Case must be sold with the bow.



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