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Bear Tamerlane  HC 300 Recurve Bow - Used
66" - 37# @ 28"

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The Bear Tamerlanes are some of the most desired Bear bows around, having been Bear's top of the line competition model in its time. These bows were made from the finest materials available at the time, by some of the best bowyers around. This large bow draws smooth as can be, and the hefty half phenolic riser comes to a dead rest in the hand. It still has the original factory sight apparatus and brush rest, which are fully functional.

This particular vintage model appears to be circa 1969, give or take, and is in good condition. There is one hard ding on the riser, pictured above, that has damaged a small quarter inch or so of the wood and finish. The previous owner also drilled a small hole in just above the grip, on the belly side for his own purposes. While the finish does show small, distributed cracks over the riser area, this is normal for a thick, hard gloss finish on woodwork that is over 40 years old, and poses no threat to the bow.

External blemishes aside, the bow shoots as well as the day it was made. For someone looking for a top quality target bow without paying top dollar, the Bear Tamerlane is a winning choice.

$295.00 - USED  


Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply? Why buy from Traditional Archery Supply?

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