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Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve
48" - Available 35# to 55# (RH) and 35# to 45# (LH)


Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve
Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve back


Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve riser shelf




Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve riser 

Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve Gainesville emblem

Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve name


Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve tip_1                 Bear Super Magnum "48" Recurve tip side


Developing the Super Magnum 48 recurve is one of the greatest design feats achieved by Bear back in 1966. After many iterations, the bow finally came to fruition. It immediately became a spectacle in the world of Western recurve archery, where adult bows of its size were virtually unheard of.

Today, they are made with a Bubinga riser cut to the strong forward arch and a thick, full grip. The shelf is cut near-center with a small window, then tapers quickly into the maple limbs. Back and belly are both backed with clear fiberglass, with accents of white at the tips. The bow is capable of accepting Fast-Flight type strings, as well.

We recently had the opportunity to try out a brand new 2014 Super Mag 48 side by side with a vintage Grayling Super Mag 48. The difference over the years was subtle at first glance, but the results are clear. Decades of refinements have made the bow both smoother and faster. These new iterations pull clean to 28", where the classic models began to stack at 25". The bow responds with less shock than its classic version, as well.

For the shooter in need of an extremely compact bow available in high powers, the Super Mag 48 is perhaps one of the best options available.




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