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Bear Super Kodiak Recurve
Grayling Green
60" & 64" - Available from
35-60# @ 28" (RH) and 35-55# (LH)


Bear Super Kodiak Recurve Bow - Grayling Green
Bear Super Kodiak Recurve back - Grayling Green


Bear Super Kodiak Recurve riser-1            

Bear Super Kodiak Recurve riser-2

Bear Super Kodiak Recurve name


Bear Super Kodiak Recurve tip


The Super Kodiak is among Bear's most recognizable models, second perhaps only in that respect to the Grizzly. The old Super Kodiak has come back to us now much as it was in 1967. In particular, the bow is sporting the vintage-styled Grayling Green fiberglass instead of the more common black that we see today. It's got a fine piece of Bubinga for its riser, with a few slivers of white glass to stand out.

The bow feels as good as it looks. The grip is deeply sculpted, and rests comfortably in the palm whether you hold it fully or lightly. The Grayling Green version of the Super Kodiak comes in two flavors: 60" and 64". The 60" version is of course easier to get around with due to being more compact, while the 64" is more suited for those that enjoy the absolute smoothest draws, long draws, and no finger pinch. Both fire with low shock, minimal noise, making them a pleasure to shoot.

The bow comes with a Dynaflight 97 string, nock point, silencers, shelf setup, and a bow sock to keep it safe.

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