Bear Montana Longbow

64" - 30# to 60# @ 28"

Bear Montana Longbow Bear Montana Longbow tip Bear Montana Longbow name Bear Montana Longbow shelf

Bear's Montana was introduced in the late 90's, but despite its more recent introduction compared to other longstanding Bear bows, it gained popularity swiftly. The bow's design is simple but functional. Although it is not the fastest bow, the compact riser section allows for proportionately long limbs and a smooth, even draw up to 29"+. If you're seeking a good quality U.S.A. made longbow to get started with, the Montana is worthy of consideration.

The bow comes fully set up with a fitted string, nock point, silencers, shelf setup, and a leather grip wrap. As with all new bow purchases over $300, it includes a bow sock as well.


All bows are set up and ready to shoot right out of the box.  See our promise