Bear AuSable Longbow

62" & 64" - Available from 35# to 60# @ 28" in RH and 35# to 55# @28" in LH

Bear AuSable Longbow

While Bear has made a point of breathing new life into its legacy models, it has not gone without new ones either. The AuSable, named for the Au Sable River in Bear's homeland of Grayling, Michigan is a new longbow that was introduce in 2011.

It features a relatively slender grip by Bear standards, but the shelf is cut deep with a large sight window, unlike more common longbow designs. It's cut from a fine piece of Bubinga with an accent stripe down the center. The reflex-deflex limbs are made from a core of maple with bamboo to either side, and finally black fiberglass. The result is a smooth, quiet, quick bow with minimal shock. In addition, it comes in both 62" and 64", for those that desire an even smoother draw or need the headroom for overdraw.

For those seeking a high performance longbow with a recurve style shelf and sight window, this is a prime candidate.

The bow comes with a Dynaflight 97 string, nock point, silencers, shelf setup, saddle grip, and a bow sock to keep it safe.



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